European Centre "The Danube" is a non-government organization that directs its activities toward the following objectives:

  • Sustainable regional development
  • Improving nature and environment protection in accordance with European standards
  • Education of citizens, especially children and young people, about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment
  • Organizing activities for rehabilitation of affected areas
  • Public advocacy for changing people’s habits regarding the use and conservation of natural resources as well as disposal of waste materials
  • Enhancing local tourism potential
  • Cooperation with the media in the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the raising environmental awareness.

In order to achieve our objective, we conduct the following activities:

  • Collecting and analyzing scientific and specialized literature in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • Organizing professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other educational events which promote environmental protection, either independently or in collaboration with other organizations and institutions;
  • Organizing various local cultural, tourist and sports events, either independently or in collaboration with other associations, organizations, institutions and local government with the aim of raising awareness and educating citizens about the importance of protecting and preserving nature and the environment, especially rivers, river banks and fish stock.
  • Encouraging teachers and other professionals to educate children and young people about environmental protection and activities which promote protection and conservation of nature.
  • Organizing volunteer events to clean and protect nature, afforest affected areas and their surroundings, clean rivers and river banks, especially the Danube;
  • Cooperation with universities, schools, special professional associations and other organizations dealing with the protection of the environment, domestic as well as foreign.
  • We cooperate with the media in the promotion of environmental values ​​and participate in designing and developing multimedia contents that raise people’s environmental awareness;
  • Designing and implementing projects of public importance for improving people’s quality of life and developing healthy lifestyles, locally, individually, or in collaboration with local institutions, and in accordance with the standards of the European Union, This way, we contribute to the sustainable development of local self-government.